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Basic Specifications
Lead Screw
Material 300 Series Stainless Steel
Standard Coating1 None
Standard Lead Accuracy
[in./ft. (µm/300 mm)]
0.010 (250)
Precision Lead Accuracy
[in./ft. (µm/300 mm)]
0.003 (75)
[in./ft. (µm/300 mm)]
0.005 (125)
Lead Nut
Standard Material Internally lubricated acetal
Nut Efficiency2
Up to 85
Typical Linear Travel Life
[in. (km)]
10 x 106 (250)
Positional Repeatability with Standard Nut3
[in. (mm)]
0.005 to 0.010(0.127 to 0.254)
Positional Repeatability with Anti-Backlash Nut4
[in. (mm)]
<0.002 (0.051)
Frame Size NEMA 14 NEMA 14 NEMA 14
Step Size
Concentricity of Mounting Pilot to Shaft
[in. (mm)]
0.003 (0.08) TIR
Perpendicularity of Shaft to Mounting Face
[in. (mm)]
0.003 (0.08) TIR
Max. Case Temperature
[°F (°C)]
176 (80)
Storage Temperature
[°F (°C)]
-4 to 122 (-20 to 50)
Ambient Temperature
[°F (°C)]
-4 to 122 (-20 to 50)
Max. humidity (non-condensing)
Magnet Wire Insulation
[°F (°C)]
Class B 130 (266)
Insulation Resistance @ 500 VDC [Mohm] 100
Dielectric Strength for 1 min. [Vac] 500
Max. Backlash with Standard Nut5
[in. (mm))]
0.010 (0.25)
Operating Temperature
[°F (°C)]
15 to 125 (-10 to 50)
  1. Contact Thomson for optional lead screw coatings.
  2. Depends on lead, nut material and lubrication.
  3. Depends on nut, load and orientation.
  4. For best positional repeatability, load should be kept well bellow design system.
  5. Nut fit can be adjusted depending on backlash requirements.

Compact Linear System Highlights:

  • Choose from three standard architectures or build a “from scratch” system.
  • Mounting blocks can be machined to virtually any shape or size.
  • Virtual design consultations are like having a linear motion expert by your side as you build your solution.
  • Systems can be produced and delivered quickly due to back-end modularity processes being automated.
  • A 3D model of your system is made available to you in real time or typically within one business day.

Compact Linear Applications:

  • Medical devices
  • Security/Military
  • Packaging
  • Semiconductors
  • 3D Printers


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